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Click here to download membership/renewal form.

You may also pay your dues via PayPal.

If you choose to use PayPal, please follow the instructions below carefully.
(Instructions with PayPal visual references may be downloaded here).

Please use your linked bank account - NOT a credit card!
Neither NSRC nor you will pay a service charge if you use your linked bank account.
If you pay with linked credit card you will be charged a service fee.

  1. Log on to your PayPal account
  2. Click on “Pay or send money”
  3. Click on “Send money to friends and family”
    (DO NOT select “Pay for goods or services”)
  4. Specify
  5. Enter dollar amount in the box and click on “Write a note”
  6. Write your note - tell us what the payment is for and include your call sign!
  7. Click on “Send Money Now”
  8. Use your linked bank account - not a credit card!