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Please feel free to check into the NSRC weekly Thursday night net at 8PM CDT/CST on our 440 repeater on 442.725 (PL + 114.8) This is an open net and you don’t need to be a member to check in. Here is a listing of Net Topics by the week, starting with the first Thursday of each month.


1.                  Ask the Expert

2.                  Your Ham Radio Updates

3.                  Board/Dept. Reports

4.                  Timely Topics

5.                  There is no formal agenda on “five Thursday” months.


These special features will make the net more interactive, informative, and fun.  So…you’ll want to participate! 

For the “Ask the Expert”section we’ll answer your questions about ham radio—equipment, wiring, antennas, grounding, operating modes, operating practices, etc.  You can submit your questions in advance (which we prefer). Or, you can ask your questions on the air.  (Submitting your question in advance is better, so we can schedule the appropriate expert to best answer your question.)  

The “Your Ham Radio Updates” segment will be all live.  (No need to submit anything in advance but it would help in scheduling you.)  Just tell us something about you and the hobby that would interest others.  (A new rig, antenna, accessory, contest award, what are you reading or building, etc.)  Please keep it brief and think about what you’re doing in the hobby that might be interesting to your fellow radio amateurs. 

The weekly swap meet will be available for Ham related material only please.  And all negotiations must be directly between the parties, so we will want either your e-mail address or phone number.  Visit our Swap Meet page for all the details.

So come on and participate in the new NSRC weekly Net, 8:00 PM Thursdays on our UHF repeater, 442.725 + PL 114.8. 

It’s the same Net you’re enjoying now…only better!


73, Mark WA9IVH

NSRC Net Director