Blame it on Wallmart, Part II
Thursday, November 11, 2010 at 1:36PM
NSRC- Account Owner

A week later, I ordered the parts I needed to fix my computer monitor.  I ordered a few more than I needed because the shipping cost was a flat rate of $13.  I also ordered more connectors than I needed because, well, why spend $13 shipping a $2 capacitor?  So, some of the parts arrived – two were backordered!  I installed the critical capacitor and the monitor fired up and is working well.  I only ended up with one extra screw!!  I did not take digital pictures, as was suggested by my online video tutor, to better track the parts.  I didn’t think it would take a week to get back to the work!  The toughest part was removing the old component.  Needed to add a little extra flux to get the part lubricated enough to get the solder to flow.  Anyway, it was so easy – and it cost me almost as much as I would have paid for a professional service!!  (Well, that’s my fault for not having a complete set of electronic components on hand.)  Anyway, it was thrilling to put the monitor back to work…even if the entire process was a bit painful.  I like bucking the system and fixing something rather than throwing it away and buying new.  So, while I blame the ugly part of this story on the just in time mentality that has taken hold of the earth, for the solution,  I embrace the Internet – and Google.  Just type in your problem and you get thousands of interesting responses.  I will have to try this one day when I am short of money …Google: “broke – need money.” And see what comes up! 

So I do have a new problem now.  As a part of this enlarged order, I bought a bag of PL259 connectors that have a  chrome finish.  I wonder what that will take to solder?  My good neighbor, Mr. Ed,  N9VTU, did just that and tells me there is quite a trail to follow on eHam on the subject.  Hey, the learning never ends around here.

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