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Parts? What parts?

This isn’t what I had in mind for this month…I will still write up a blog on my experiences in Washington, DC to visit the Marine Corp marathon to see how they handle their ham communications…but on my way to the blog this month, this happened:  My flat screen monitor for my video editing station died.  I have a guy I usually send this stuff off to, but emboldened by a lead on the Internet, I watched a short video.  This still amazes me, you can find almost anything on the Internet if you look hard enough…this wasn’t all that hard.  I plugged in the model of the monitor and a short description of the problem – and presto bango—up comes a web site devoted to just this problem, complete with a video that shows you step by step how to fix it.  I tore the monitor apart, per the instructions and found the bad parts – a couple of electrolytic capacitors. 

And now the really bad part… try finding parts anymore!  Yes, I went to Tri-State Electronics (about the only electronics shop in the area) and even Radio (yes we have phones) Shack.  Tri-State was closed at 1 p.m. on Saturday.  Hobbyists don’t keep normal business hours!  Radio Shack was clueless.  I walked in and was greeted by a very friendly young man.  When I told him what I needed, he backed off and pointed me to the cabinet from another era…the parts department….fearful that I might ask him for help. 

So, I am back to the Internet…now in search of a place to buy two $1.25 parts and $8.00 for shipping no doubt.  Because I can, I blame Walmart. Why not.  This country has gone mad for the just-in-time model of life.  Do you think they have interest in UPS or Fed Ex?   If nothing else, I feel like I don’t live in a big city where I can get anything I want, when I want it.  I might as well live in podunk city.  So long as UPS drives there, you can get the parts you need.  I actually, ordered some parts once from the Internet that came from Honk Kong…heck I didn’t know where they were coming from.  When I had trouble with the software, I had to swap email with my friend in Asia. Otherwise, I guess I would never had known.  The trouble is, all of this keeps us from tearing things apart to see how they work…there is something wrong with this model…I mean, I would drive to Barrington, if I could, to get the parts I needed today, just to get the project done.  

So, I guess, I am learning about patience…and returning to my friend the Internet.  Stay tuned.  Will let you know if my parts arrive and if I can solve the problem.