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Single Sideband and Grandkids

CQWWSSB – I had such good intentions.  My wife was leaving town to visit her parents and it looked like I would have the entire weekend to play with my ham radio.  My 4 year old grandson plays a huge part in this story, as you will find out.

Last week, we took Aiden to his first really big hobby show.  His already huge blue eyes were popping even brighter at the sight of all of the radio control devices - helicopters, blimps, planes, trains (even a complete Lego train set).  Well,  papa (that’s me) had to make sure that little Aiden could see all of these fun toys close up, so I pulled him up to my chest and held him high.  I mean, all grandparents do this!  His mouth was right next to my nose.  Well, I forgot about his cold and cough…as he blasted me all day with errant germ-like particles.  A week goes by, and I am fighting something off, but it was not enough to drop me to my knees…yet.

So I talk to Randy K9OR about the upcoming CQWWSSB contest and fire up the computer, the rig, the antennas…hey it is all working pretty well, or so it seemed.  I go to make a transmission to a DX station on a remote island…and I can’t be heard!? I dig around and can’t figure out what is up…everything is connected. What’s up?  Eventually I discover one of the mic switch buttons on the remote control for the Pro III is in the wrong position…off!  And then I remember, my grandson loves to climb into my shack and pull the mic down and hit all of the buttons on my rig (like his sister, he wants to be a rock star!).  He flipped a switch that basically took my mic off line.  By the time I solved the problem, the world discovered my little DX team and they got slammed with a mind numbing pileup.  So the next day…

…Friday morning, the day of the contest, I wake with a 102 degree temperature.  I have no voice!  I am totally clobbered with the cold that has taken me out for a full week.  I missed the contest and the opportunity to get on the air while the wife was out of town! This week, however, I am ready!! Where’s the next contest?

(Rob - dust off the key - CW Sweepstakes is ths weekend - starts 4p local Sat Nov 5 see - 73 Randy K9OR)