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Grandkids and ham radio

So, I was thrilled a few weeks back when my way-too-exuberant three year old grandson took a liking my ham shack.  He seemed to enjoy pretending he was at the mic…and would find all kinds of ways to get his 2 foot 10” frame up on the chairs and then up to the mic.  It was funny! (If not a bit dangerous!)  Well, the other day I watched in complete horror as he did what most kids eventually do…he hit every single button on the face of the radio in about one millisecond, including turning it on!  Instantly, the radio went into total spaz mode (this is different from the spaz mode it goes into when I do something, because I can usually remember what button I hit.)  Well, I just spent nearly 35 minutes, running down all of the buttons, trying to find the one single button that he hit that was preventing me from getting the receive audio on!  Yes, I felt like a complete dummy, and yes, I had to get the manual out…but on the bright side, I got up close and personal with the old Pro III.  (He actually hit a little button on an accessory pad that turned the mic on!)

On other fronts, I felt like a 3-year old myself, trying to transfer my files from one computer to another.  I know, this is supposed to be easy – and this one is a Mac to boot, but for some reason, there is a simple, secret handshake that you have to use to make the real files appear (no, this isn’t as simple as copy and paste).  You have to hold the “Options” button until a secret screen appears and allows you to go further.   How did I find that out? The Internet, of course. I can see how many people have given up on technology and have hunkered down into their quiet lives without cell phones and smart phones.  I ran into one of my former Boy Scouts (he is now in his 30’s) a few days back and he basically said, he had given up on technology. He has a cell phone, but for outgoing calls only.  He never –NEVER listens to voice mail and does not do email! He can’t stand Facebook or Twitter or even a Smart phone with Apps!  He likes to just meet up with people face to face!  

Imagine that!  Maybe there is hope.