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North Shore DMR is Here!

The North Shore Radio Club is sponsoring a new DMR (Digital Mobile Radio) repeater on 441.21875 MHz from Chicago. DMR is ham radio’s newest digital voice 2-way technology and is a 2-slot (channel) TDMA worldwide standard.  DMR radios are manufacturered by Motorola, Vertex Standard, Hytera, Tytera, Simoco, Kirisun, Tait, Connect Systems, soon Alinco, and a few other smaller companies.  Our DMR repeater allows portable and mobile coverage across the Chicagoland area.  It is affiliated with the DMR-MARC worldwide network of 500+ repeaters in 23 countries.  Locally, it is connected to Schaumburg, Crystal Lake, Bolingbrook, Morris, Sugar Grove,  Milwaukee, Green Bay, Crown Point, Valparaiso, and LaPorte. See the coverage maps here.

The neat aspect of DMR is that you can have 2 unique groups of people having 2 totally independent conversations on the same repeater!  The repeater has 2 voice channels, remember?  You can also set your Motorola radio to automatically roam between the Tri-State area repeaters without having to change the dial manually!  It’s just like a cell phone, in that sense.  This makes DMR a great technology for distraction free driving and safety.


Radios may be purchased via the following avenues:


Sandy’s Communications  (ask for Jeff Samuels and mention the “amateur radio discount”)

This collection of dealers from DCI

Hamfests and Swaps


Here are the talk groups and frequency configurations:

AA9VI 441.21875 +5 MHz Color Code 1

Time Slot #1- Group Call 3 = North America (PTT Activated)         
Time Slot #1 - Group Call 13 = Worldwide English
Time Slot #1 - Group Call 100= Tech Talk
Time Slot #1- Group Call 113 = UA 113 (PTT Activated)
Time Slot #1- Group Call 3169 = Midwest Regional
Time Slot #1- Group Call 9999 = Audio Test (PTT Activated)
Time Slot #2 - Group Call 2 = Tri-State Local

Predicted coverage plot


Radio programming instructions can be found here.  Be sure to disable ARS and AGC on your radio! READ ALL OF THE INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE PRESSING PUSH TO TALK!



If you have any questions, contact Mike, AA9VI @ (leave out the spaces)