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Ham-in-the-Park, 2019

(See dates below)

Our club member, Casey, KV3T has established a schedule for what our club is calling “ Ham-in-the Park”.  His plan is established below.  In his own words, he states:

“In 2018, I plan to get out portable once a month.  I’ve gone through the year and picked out some dates that will work for my personal schedule and have posted them below.  Last year I found that Saturday afternoons at 1pm worked really well for me (with a little one at home, that is just before nap time, and I can get home before dinner).

As a reminder, this isn’t a ‘formal club event’ so the support is limited to none.  But for me that is the entire appeal.  You can come and play with whatever you have and want to play with, and be surrounded with other like minded hams who…. know more about your stuff than you do.  (I’m still trying to figure out how to property adjust SSB mic gain).  However, that said, you don’t need to bring a radio to come and hang out.  This could, in fact, be a great opportunity to come out and get on HF if you have never done so before.  You can use my radio, if you don’t have or want to bring your own.  I think of this as the sort of the opposite of field day.  A chance to get out and use your own gear, in your own way, and make some mistakes that you can learn from.  Practice getting lines into trees, figure out how to use your solar panel or field portable antennas, or from personal experience learn why a 75’ throw line isn’t long enough, and where not to set up a solar panel (behind your easy-up as the sun sets).

All of these I plan to start around 1pm (sometimes I’m late, but I’m for sure coming unless something major comes up, in which case I’ll post back here.)

Of course, this is weather dependent, we aren’t going to go out in a lightning storm.


I also plan to be beaconing APRS from this location, if you are so equipped.  Look for KV3T-9

Feel free to RSVP (if you want, no need) or ask questions.  Feel free to just come and hang out and have some fun!”

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