FM Repeater Systems

2 Meter System Fusion Dual Mode Repeater

147.345+ repeater coverage

The 2M system consists of a Yaesu System Fusion DR-1 dual mode C4FM/FM repeater and S-Com 7330 controller. Dual mode means that if you transmit to this repeater in FM analog mode the repeater will automatically retransmit you in FM analog mode. Likewise, if you use either of the System Fusion digital voice modes the repeater will retransmit in the mode you are using. This repeater operates with about 50 watts ERP from an omnidirectional antenna at 110 feet in Northbrook.

The repeater frequency is 147.345+ MHz with a TPL of 107.2 Hz for FM analog mode. Please note: If you are using a non-Yaesu System Fusion radio it is recommended that you activate the CTCSS or Tone Squelch feature so that you will not have to listen to the unintelligible signals from the repeater when it is operating in digital mode.

This repeater system is a Skywarn local spotter net repeater serving the northern half of Cook County. Skywarn operation has priority over all other repeater usage so please leave the repeater clear when a Skywarn net has been activated. This repeater system is also an Echolink node, no. 999052, when the remote link radio hosted by WM9Q is in operation.

220 MHz Analog Repeater

The 220 system consists of a 25 watt repeater running about 25 watts ERP from a an antenna at 110 feet. This repeater primarily serves northern Cook and southern Lake Counties.

The repeater frequency is  224.32- MHz with a TPL of 110.9 Hz. It is located in Northbrook, IL.

440 MHz Analog Repeater

442.725+ repeater coverage

The 440 system consists of a Motorola repeater and an S-Com 7330 controller. It operates with about 80 watts ERP from an offset pattern antenna at 513 feet. It primarily covers Cook and Lake Counties and has become one of the most active repeaters in the Chicago area. The repeater can be accessed using a mobile radio as far south as Merrillville, IN as far north as Kenosha, WI and west to Crystal Lake.

The repeater frequency is 442.725+ MHz with a TPL of 114.8 Hz. It is located near the north end of Lake Shore Dr. in Chicago.

 D-Star System

We have two Icom D-Star systems in place in the same location as our UHF repeater.

1.2 GHz D-Star Voice Repeater

1292.200 MHz (Output)

1272.200 MHz (Input, -20 MHz offset)


 440 MHz Digital Voice Repeater

442.09375 MHz (Out)

447.09375 MHz. (In)

10 Meter Beacon

NS9RC -28.297 MHz

Location: Highland Park, IL

Recommended simplex frequencies for club events

* 446.025 PL 114.8 - Primary Channel
* 147.405 PL 107.2 - Secondary Channel
* 146.460 PL None - July Fox Hunt Channel