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KK9H Winner of the 2019 Fox Hunt

KK9H Winner of the 2019 Fox Hunt


Annual Fox Hunt

For our July Meeting we will be at:

The Glen in Glenview

Tuesday July 9th 2019

We had a great group of hunters armed with various tools and antennas. In the end, Don Whiteman prevailed over the pack as the Fox was hidden right behind us, in the parking garage. Everyone ran off for the fields to the east and Don walked west to get his first bearing. The tricky part was determining whether to go below deck or on top. He went up with his team mates, Mark Klocksin and Matt Teichert and found the Fox buried in the back seat of a Jeep. Thanks to Ben Orr and family for hiding the Fox. Rob Orr, came in 2nd; Marty Boroff, 3rd; Warren Pugh 4th! It was a great night for the Hunt.

       The Fox    146.460  

     NSRC Simplex    446.025  PL 114.8


SATURDAY, July 13, 2019


Captain Daniel Wright Woods Forest Preserve

24830 N St Mary’s Rd, Mettawa, IL 60045

Bring your portable gear or come to watch your fellow hams make contacts. Fun for all!

For information on Captain Daniel Wright Woods: https://www.lcfpd.org/wright-woods/

Special Event

Amateur Radio Licensed Volunteers Needed

- Taste of Melrose Park (GOTA), August 30th till September 1st

- Evanston Bike Club North Shore Century Ride, Sunday September 15th 

-  Chicago Marathon, Sunday October 13th 

For more information contact: Cary Willis, KD9ITO@arrl.net

 VE Examination Schedule for 2019

 NSRC Volunteer Examiner (VE) Sessions will be held Sundays, from 1:30-3:30 at the Northbrook Public Library on the following dates in the Interactive Classroom A, 2nd Floor:

Location: 1201 Cedar Lane

                Northbrook, IL 60062

August 18, 2019

October 20, 2019

December 15, 2019

Time: 1:30 PM (Walk-ins allowed) 


(847) 295-8845

VEC: ARRL/VEC.  See above for location and time.

CQ Field Day, CQ Field Day!

CQ Field Day, CQ Field Day!


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