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Winlink Packet Radio

The club sponsors an open packet radio Winlink station on 145.61 MHz which is being relocated to Glenview thanks to K9RST. After relocation, it can be accessed by connecting to NS9RC-10. The equipment consists of a Kantronics KPC-3+ TNC (vers. 9.1) with a 512K RAM upgrade and an Icom IC-28A at 25 watts out to an antenna at 25 feet. The coverage area of this system will be northern Cook County, and it can be accessed by using packet stations as digipeaters in the area if needed.

Have you ever wanted to send email over VHF packet radio to the internet and receive it from someone on the internet at any location where you just have a VHF radio, TNC, and a laptop?  Winlink is a program which allows you to do just that.  Our club now hosts its own Winlink RMS Gateway server.  The NS9RC-10 server and VHF radio is located in Techny IL. Our Winlink node operates on 145.61 MHz 1200 bps.

We are now active participants in the new statewide EmComm initiative.

Local Winlink Map

Current NS9RC-10 traffic stats


So, how do you get started?  Well, it’s simple.  Make sure you have a Windows PC, a TNC connected to a VHF radio and then download a copy of RMS express.


Next, under Files—> RMS Express Setup

  • My Callsign: YOURCALLSIGN (like KD9ZZZ)
  • Fill in your Grid Square
  • Add in a passwordCheck Use Secure Login
  • Hit Update

next, change Open Session (top of screen) to Packet WL2K.
Then choose Open Session
A Packet Winlink 2000 session window will open.
Then under Setup set

  • Packet TNC type
  • Packet TNC Model
  • Serial Port
  • Serial Port Baud
  • Make sure TNC Parameters is set to 1200 baud
  • Hit Update

Next, hit Channel Selection to find a local Winlink node
Click Update Table
Double Click on NS9RC-10
Click Start to confirm the RF to TNC to Software interface works.
You should get a “CONNECTED TO NS9RC-10” message and soon it will disconnect. That’s ok.

Exit the Packet Winlink 2000 session window

Now, compose a message using Message on the RMS Express window
Then choose Message—>New Message
when complete with message choose Post to Outbox
when ready to send choose Open Session Packet WL2K

Then hit Start

The message will automatically send out.  Whenever you want to receive messages also open the session and hit Start.